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Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents,

"We believe in quality improvement of the teaching process of the classroom. Every child born in the nation should be allowed to blossom. The chief aim of education should be to help the growing soul to draw out that in itself which is best & make it perfect for a noble use. The physical, social, moral & spiritual development of the child is the main objective of the child-centered education. We impart creative education, we believe in new CCE system of education which helps the students to retain the smile on their blossoming faces To encourage original thought & invention is the great role of education. Children should have liberty to experiment, opportunity to find new ways of handling material, & freedom to experience their own unique personalities. The teacher must pay attention to the entire complex organisms. He is concerned with the development of the whole child-intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually & physically”

Mr. Rakesh Sharma


Administrator’s Message

"Parents are anxious to know what happened at school. What was taught in class today, what is the home work? wich is new assignments to be complete what is happening to school? Our aim is from one open day to daily updates with parents our aims is from one open day to daily update with parents.We stress on child centered education. Children have a natural tendency to replicate what they see they observe how we elders behave with each other. Our behaviour, automatically makes visible difference in attitude & value system of children. Life skill should be in-born, & it can be further honed through proper guidance by the teachers. Teachers no doubt have to be committed, passionate & involve totally in preparing from each class. Just as role learning hampers creativity so also stereo type teaching hampers learning. We plan less stressful syllabus & more enjoyable learning”

Mr. Y.K. Dubey


Mission, Vision & Values

If children don’t learn the way we teach perhaps we should teach the way they learn (epic, 1981) The logical corollary of the principle of heredity starting that no two pairs of genes in this world are alike translates into the fact that every student possesses a unique set of abilities to acquire knowledge & skill, & therefore we as educators must identify the individual’s propensity & style (format) of making meaning out of information present & further improve upon their multiple intelligence & abilities, to support learning assessment should be conducted as an integral part of the teaching & learning process & feedback cycle. Therefore our mission is to bring in the best interactive classroom solution, classroom technology helping education reach their goals of improving student engagement, increasing achievement & making school more globally competitive. We instill teachers feel comfortative & make them expertise to change the way children learn & make them complete models. Our mission is to make the academy one of the most admired educational institutions. We promise to spark a solution in teaching technology in the classroom environment. We make learning together with fun so it is natural for young learners to bring the same enthusiasm & creativity they have for play to learning. Our aim is to pursue global standards that nature holistic individuals through a student centric environment. Learning is an active process of discovering principle, pedagogy, In fact learners should constantly be challenged with task that refers to skills & knowledge just beyond their current level of mastery knowing the information is to peep into inherent qualities & expose them for students today need to expand the acquired classroom knowledge to global vision courses, email,web search email list reading logs & different approaches & personal skills are needed to learn effectively in today’s society