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Yatharth Futuristic Academy an Introduction

Yatharth Futuristic Academy Ujjain

The process of attaining Swami Vivekananda's goal of a "man-making" education begins in primary school, in kindergarten itself, for young minds are easy to mould and very receptive to the ideals of truth, beauty, honesty and integrity. We at Yatharth Futuristic Academy , strive for the holistic development of our pupils through the all-important medium of "play". No effort is spared to make learning varied and fun as the happiness of the child is of utmost importance to us.

The proposal to overall the present system of education in India is upon the tap is. The system which has been working for the last fifteen decades and more was designed when we were slaves and to realize was to create a class of Indians in form but English in thought, Instead of proving an asset, they became on their family and consumer of wealth without being a producer. Our education system was predominantly a memory testing system, With so much to learn every day, understand, remember it for the rest of our life for possible application is simply tiring. Today's children are not only carrying the colorful heavy school bags on their back but also the ever increasing expectations of their parents piled with huge Burdon. Catering to the need of the modern world where competition begins as younger age we have adopted a method which is developed by a group of professional's. The general idea of our school room for every individual is to improve his visualization imagination and creativity in the field of malls, literature science and other formula as well. It also builds child's self-esteem which increases his confidence level. Almost all parents have a common goal in life to see their child become successful in his life to have job security, a good salary and satisfaction in his word. Our aim is to bring your child first his need and then to your desire. So let us together promise for the best. We need your positive co-operation and sincere advice for your child's all round development.

Learning Environment

Our approach is student-centric and holistic development of young boys and girls to make them globally competitive in their future professions. Our focus is to create the best learning environment. Special and unique efforts are taken to prepare the learning materials based on CBSE curriculum. The classes are conducted in an interactive manner and camaraderie fashion. Our class size is 40. Students are given creative assignments so that they will learn scientific approach to address personal, professional and social problems. They will be trained to be accommodative in any environment and acquire a culture of team work, at the same time; they will acquire capabilities to succeed in public and competitive examinations. Our focus is to make the learners learn science with both broader perspective and deeper insight. They will be made to acquire good communication and leadership capabilities. We infuse in them self confidence in problem solving in real-life situations. Students are taken out on a regular basis to visit places of scientific, recreational, industrial, historical and cultural importance. Students are involved in all organizational activities of the school to acquire managerial capabilities.